Chance is a world leader in designing and production of Screw Anchors and piles.

Foundations based on screw anchors can be built in a very short time in comparison with classic concrete foundations.
More than 50 years ago, Chance introduced this patented system of utilizing the power of digging equipment to install screw anchors. The system consists of a screw anchor, anchor rod and a special installing wrench. Each anchor has a galvanized steel threaded anchor rod with an upset hex;
single or twin helices and a galvanized guy wire nut which is screwed to the anchor rod end. Anchors can be installed in a matter of minutes.

One must know soil profile in order to select appropriate anchors and design a foundations based on them.  Chance engineers developed the "soil test probe", a mechanical tool which makes it possible to infer subsoil conditions from the surface of the earth. The soil test probe is screwed into the soil. As it displaces the soil, probe installation torque is measured in inch-pounds on a torque gauge, which is an integral part of the installing tool. Probe torque readings are then compared with the information on the Chance Soil Classification Data Chart and translated into the appropriate soil classification.
Chance has also made a software fro anchors design, called HeliCap, which is available free for our customers and partners – foundation designers.
Screw anchors and piles are ideal for usage with guy-wires, any other spanning needs, quick replacement of weakened foundations of transmission towers, fast building of tripod foundations on communication towers and even for foundations of all electrical equipment in sub-stations when soil is aggressive, or a time shortage for building is present.

In civil engineering, even in housing industry,  a reparation of cracking foundations, supporting the old and landmark buildings, etc make screw anchors irreplaceable tools.

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