All arresters for European market are tested according to IEC 60099-4 standards and can be easily adapted to any distribution or transmission power system.
The IEC distribution arresters for IEC discharge class 1 – type PDV100 and IEC Class 2 – type PVI-LP are available in polymer housing – wrapped design only.
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The IEC station arresters are available in three different designs:
• Polymer Wrapped Module, for IEC Class 3 – type PVN, up to 152 kV MCOV
• Polymer Tube Design, for IEC Class 3, 4 and 5 - types PH3, PH4 and PH5
• Porcelain design, for IEC Class 3, 4 and 5 – types H3, H4 and H5
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Besides the arresters for equipment protection in a substation, we offer Line Arresters – type Protecta*Lite, for protecting both distribution and transmission power lines.
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LMC America offers to its clients software for both station arrester and line arresters calculation that assists in choosing appropriate arresters characteristics in a matter of minutes. The software is Windows based and just with a simple click, a designer can choose an arrester, simulate stroke, and see a numerical and graphical picture of every node in the station including a transformer. One can purchase the software or can order a trial version.

For helping in choosing an arrester to suit your specific needs, try out the Arrester Selector.
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